Grinding Services

Metal Grinding & Finishing - South Bend, IN

Even if you don't see a service listed, we can likely help!

Custom Machining & Grinding

We can tackle your toughest problems with custom processes.
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CNC OD Grinding

We can hold tight tolerances and grind a variety of different alloys.
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CNC ID Grinding

Many alloys including stainless, aluminum, bronze and plastic.
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Roll Grinding

Crowning and Concave Roll Grinding in South Bend, IN See More »


A rotating abrasive wheel removes material, gives flat surface. See More »

Flat Grinding

We excel at all sorts of grinding, including flat. See More »

Centerless Grinding

Two wheels are used, one grinds, one moves your part. See More »

Manual OD & ID

Sometimes the machines can't do it all. That's okay with us! See More »

Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding up to 36 inches diameter. See More »

Other Services Offered:

Super Finishing on print rolls as low as 2 RMS
Belt polishing for sizing and finishing
Spindle repair
Special tooling for grinders, mills and lathes

Other Services Offered:

Special gauging
Portable on-site grinding
Magnetic Separators
Chrome plating and brush plating.