Blanchard Grinding

blanchard grinding

Blanchard grinding quickly removes stock from one side of a part using segmented abrasive stones mounted on a wheel. Typically, the Blanchard grinding process is used on ferrous metals, since the parts are held in place by a flat, magnetic chuck, or table, as they are ground.

Blanchard grinding leaves a specific finish pattern on surfaces, produced by the nature of the operation, and of the movement of grinding tools across the surface. Technically referred to as rotary surface grinding, the process is ideal for surfaces too large for disc grinding, such as plate stock, die blocks and rotary tables. This process can be used simultaneously on multiple parts meaning reduced production times and expense.

In a Blanchard grinding machine, the grinding wheel is mounted on a vertical spindle and moves in a direction counter to the rotation of the magnetic chuck. The tolerances provided by Blanchard grinding machines can be as little as .001, with similar flatness. Tolerances, however, vary between materials and work pieces based on the thickness and type of material as well as their shape and whether the material has been stress relieved.

The Blanchard grinding process is an excellent choice for applications requiring high-production rates and moderate finish accuracy. It also offers the ability to quickly and efficiently remove large amounts of stock from one side of a part that is usually too large to be double ground.

Some of the types of parts we have Blanchard ground include: plates, cap bearings, zone caps, spindle housing sleeves, knife spindles, rings, bearing plates, square blocks, cylinder blocks, thrust washers, sleeve inserts, spacers, dies, spiders, bearing spacers, spacer rings, slingers, blades, center blocks, ring gears, risers, segments, mold blocks, clutch plates, square tiles, rotor end brackets, flat stock, valve blocks, bushings, planetary ring gears, cutters, and gage blocks.

With this machine we perform blanchard grinding on any surface material to a required dimension. Even non-magnetic materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze and other exotic materials.

Up to 36 inch diameter

Blanchard Grinding

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