CNC ID Grinding

CNC ID GrindingOur CNC ID Grinding Capacity is a depth of 6”x5” ID. Much like the OD Grinding offered here, ID Grinding is useful for short run production of less than 100 parts or larger runs over 500 parts.

Our CNC ID Grinder is equipped with a precision air chuck that grants repeatability within .0002. The CNC ID Grinder can also be programmed to dress a form in the wheel to plunge with or grind in a pre programmed path, plunging several diameters in one holding.

With volume runs it can also be set up to use an automated loading device. We can ID Grind faces and move to the outside of a part and plunge.

The CNC ID Grinder can grind a variety of alloys including stainless, aluminum, bronze and plastic. This capability makes us a go to source for automotive or gearing applications or an ID seal, dependent upon the finish required.

Our CNC ID Grinder has two high frequency spindles so it’s possible to employ several ID applications in one holding.

CNC ID Grinding

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