CNC OD Grinding

CNC OD GrindingAt CM Grinding our CNC OD Grinding capacity is 48” between centers. We can hold tight tolerances and grind a variety of different alloys. We can go as hard as 60 Rockwell or softer at 20-30 Rockwell. We handle stainless steel, hard chrome and others.

Our CNC OD Grinding department can handle production runs of thousands of parts or shorter runs of less than 160 parts.

We are a great resource for work on shorter shafts of less than 2” in length and can provide finishes on seal diameter. We have the ability to hold tolerances on bearing diameters consistently on long runs or in short production runs.

We handle CNC OD Grinding for automotive applications. Pump shafts or any other critical area that requires consistent tolerances while holding on to a finish that seals in actuation ability.

CNC OD Grinding in our production environment also uses the forming wheel to give blends on angles and radiuses. We also use the wheel to move as programmed, making the grinding of tapers and radiuses much more conveniently programmable.

In some production runs loaders can be used to automate the process and provide faster, more consistent run times. This will be utilized if the order volume is high enough to warrant the application.

CNC OD Grinding

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