Brush Plating

Brush plating is a method of plating without the use of an immersion tank. Our Brush plating system is portable and uses very small amounts of solution. We use hand-held tools to apply the deposits and coatings onto localized areas. These tools recycle the solution, eliminating waste and lowering costs.

brush platingBenefits include :

  • Portability, the system can be moved to the worksite.
  • Flexibility, allows the plating of parts too large for a tank.
  • Saves time and money, by eliminating shipping and turnaround. The deposit thickness can be more accurately controlled so that finish grinding operations are not always needed. In many cases, your part can be put right into service.
  • Reduces waste, less solution is needed so it is more environmentally friendly.

A Video of brush plating being performed on the ID of the top hole.

***We are not a decorative hard chrome plating facility. We do not plate, bumpers, wheels, car parts or any decorative item.

Brush Plating

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